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Kremer Eye Center Acquires On-Site Digital Pharmacy


King of Prussia, PA – August 14, 2012 – Kremer Eye Center, the region’s leader in cataract, glaucoma, and refractive eye care, announces the addition of a QuiqMeds Onsite Digital Pharmacy to its flagship King of Prussia center.

The Kremer practice acquired the on-site pharmacy in December 2011, with the goal of making access to prescribed medication convenient and affordable for patients, and ultimately improving pre and post-operative medication compliance.

“Kremer has always been an innovator in eye care… we were the first to perform LASIK in North America, we pioneered no-stitch cataract surgery in the Philadelphia region, so it made sense that we should introduce this important leap in patient care technology,” said George Pronesti, M.D., Kremer Eye Center’s Medical Director.

The system allows a Kremer doctor to write a prescription and have it filled within seconds.  The device carries brand and generic medications that are hand-picked by the surgeons, some of which cost no more than the patient copayment at a traditional pharmacy.

“The most important thing is our patient’s outcome,” said Dr. Michael Aronsky.  “Having an on-site pharmacy means that we can ensure our patients have access to the medicine they need, when they need it.  Leaving with their prescriptions in-hand saves them time, and greatly increases the chance that they will actively and correctly follow their pre and post-operative instructions.”

Kremer Eye Center has been evaluating the efficiency, safety and security of the on-site digital pharmacy over the last 8 months.  Some elements include the automated dispensing device and a two-dimensional barcode that ensures the right medication is delivered to the right patient.

“Easy and very user friendly software with advanced reporting. Requires very little staff time. Doctors can order the medications from the exam room.  The automated process is safer and more efficient versus traditional dispensing options,” said Maria Reyes, Kremer Eye Center’s Manager.

The dispensing software also features automated inventory management, automated expiration, predictive modeling, recall monitoring, and automated medication reordering.

As Hasan Fazelbhoy explains, “the goal is to make it easy for the physicians and office staff to dispense the medications, which makes it fast, easy and convenient for the patient.  Our goal is to make medication compliance a part of the patient care process.”


About Kremer Eye Center:

Kremer Eye Center specialists provide advanced cataract surgery, glaucoma treatment, dry eye syndrome therapy, ophthalmic plastic surgery, and refractive surgery including bladeless LASIK and the Visian ICL lens implant. Founded in 1980, Kremer is a leader in cataract treatment, having pioneered no-stitch/no-injection surgery, and in the field of refractive surgery, with the invention of the first laser to be FDA-approved for LASIK. Kremer doctors are committed to utilizing the most advanced technologies and procedures to accelerate recovery time and improve patients’ vision.  Kremer’s three surgical centers are located in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.  Pre- and post-operative care is conveniently provided at satellite offices and at over 500 Affiliate Optometrist Offices throughout the Tri-State Area.

For more information: www.KremerEyeCenter.com or 1-800-694-EYES (3937).


About QuiqMeds:

QMeds, Inc. dba QuiqMeds and headquartered in Malvern, PA, is a market leader in point of care fulfillment solutions for hospital, urgent care, workplace health and group practice settings. QuiqMeds solutions enable prescriptions to be fulfilled at the point of care by automating the ordering, tracking, receiving, dispensing and billing processes in a secure and auditable manner. QuiqMeds has developed its suite of enterprise solutions to work across health systems and connects all care settings to provide global controls and analytics to improve enterprise decision making.

Learn more about QuiqMeds at www.quiqmeds.com.