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QuiqMeds Announces Support for Dispensing of Controlled Substances



QuiqMeds Receives Certifications with DEA (1311) and Surescripts (EPCS)


MALVERN, PA – January 22nd, 2017 – QMeds Inc., dba QuiqMeds™, a market leader in enterprise point of care prescription fulfillment solutions, announced that it is now certified to receive and process Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substances (EPCS).  QuiqMeds is certified to receive EPCS prescriptions from any Surescripts EPCS capable EMR such as EPIC, Allscripts, Cerner, etc., and safely inventory and dispense to patients at the point of care.  In addition to becoming EPCS certified through Surescripts, QMeds is also DEA certified (1311).

The system identifies and safely tracks controlled substance inventory, and during dispensing provides state-specific regulatory guidance to ensure that not only are patients safely provided the medications, but the prescribed regimen follow the defined regulations of the state.

With this enhancement, QuiqMeds now enables clinics and hospitals to safely dispensing all scheduled (II-V) prescriptions to patients at the point of care.


About QuiqMeds:

QMeds, Inc. dba QuiqMeds and headquartered in Malvern, PA, is a market leader in point of care fulfillment solutions for hospital, urgent care, workplace health and clinic settings. QuiqMeds solutions enable prescriptions to be fulfilled at the point of care by automating the ordering, tracking, receiving, dispensing and billing processes in a secure and auditable manner. QuiqMeds has developed its suite of enterprise solutions to work across health systems and connects all care settings to provide global controls and analytics to improve enterprise decision making.

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