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QuiqMeds Releases Mobile Checkout Application, Providing Point of Sale Capability



MALVERN, PA – November 6th, 2017 – QMeds Inc., dba QuiqMeds™, a market leader in enterprise point of care prescription fulfillment solutions, announced the release of the QuiqMeds mobile application for the Android operating system.  In the latest of its feature releases enabling medication dispensing at the point of care, QMeds has announced a new digital mobile solution for all healthcare settings that allows providers to collect copays for pharmaceuticals using embedded Square technology.  Square payments will support the shift to an all-digital platform on a smartphone or tablet, enabling the direction of both pharmaceutical payments and co-payments, streamlining the outpatient pharmacy experience and ensuring the highest level of convenience for patients and health systems.

With the move to an all-digital platform QuiqMeds has automated every aspect of pharmacy operations for hospitals and health systems.  Automating patient check out empowers our customers by reducing bed times for patients and ensuring they have their medications when they leave their respective medical facilities” said QuiqMeds President Daniel Black.

Square makes it easy for both health systems and their patients. Providers and their staff will be invited to download the QuiqMeds platform on their mobile device and use it to perform patient checkout by collecting their signature, and electronic payment. Patients can use whatever payment type they wish; swipe their card, use chip reader, or use their mobile device to take advantage of wireless pay options like Apple and Android pay. Patients will be sent an electronic receipt via email or text after their doctors visit and the payment will be recorded in real-time in the QuiqMeds platform.

We’re excited to work with the QuiqMeds to bring new technology to physicians and hospitals, providing a quick and integrated payment experience for patients and healthcare providers,” said Roger Kirwin, Square’s Enterprise Account Lead. “Square makes it easy for patients by offering digital receipts, and the ability to accept any form of payment so they never leave a doctor or hospital visit without their medications in handThis was an exciting project, we helped enable better patient care and created a robust integration with an enterprise dispensing platform”.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City has chosen the QuiqMeds platform to enable outpatient dispensing at their new Spira Care clinics opening up in the broader Kansas City area.  In addition to the outpatient dispensing platform, they have also chosen to standardize payment collection using the QuiqMeds mobile solution, powered by Square, setting an example for how the industry can transform in the evolving digital economy while adding convenience for patients.

The new mobile solution will be extended to all current and future customers, and will continue to be expanded enabling additional functionality for both health systems and patients.  Square will work directly with all three QuiqMeds product offerings; QuiqScripts for hospitals, ESS for primary has urgent care and QuiqCore for facilities with existing dispensaries or lower volume.


About QuiqMeds:


QuiqMeds is a leading provider of point-of-care pharmacy technologies and solutions. Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Malvern, PA, QuiqMeds has developed an enterprise platform and kiosk based system to fill prescriptions as an extension of existing pharmacy operations or allowing hospitals and health systems to add pharmacy operations at the point of service. The QuiqMeds enterprise platform provides real-time visibility into patient populations to immediately assess medication adherence. The QuiqMeds enterprise platform is a point-of-care solution designed to automate inventory control and management, tracking, reordering, fulfillment, billing and reporting with analytics. The platform automatically tracks all of the information required by state and federal laws while automatically reporting all information needed for controlled substances.


Additional information about QuiqMeds is available at www.quiqmeds.com.


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