Quick care with QMeds

QuiqMeds enables outpatient point of care prescription fulfillment.

As the healthcare environment evolves, healthcare organizations bear more of the financial risk for the health of their patients than ever. Medication non-compliance plays an increasingly larger role due to financial penalties around readmissions, quality scores, value based care arrangements, and patient health in general.  Studies have shown that 33% of all prescriptions written are never even filled. So how can we address this issue?

By providing medications to patients where they receive their care, in a safe, secure and efficient fashion. Point of care prescription fulfillment helps to ensure patients not only leave the healthcare setting with medication in hand, but also that they understand fully how, when, and why to take their medications, further increasing the likelihood of compliance.

Through our enterprise-level solution, QuiqMeds can extend the reach and hours of an outpatient pharmacy. For those organizations that do not have internal pharmacies, our solutions can fill that role. No matter the setting, QuiqMeds can work alongside you to provide the best possible solutions, enabling you to provide the best care to your patients, while helping to ensure the financial health of your organization.