Accountable Care Organizations: an innovative approach for an evolving healthcare environment, aiming to provide their communities a higher caliber of patient care, increased patient satisfaction, better overall health, all while being more cost effective. But with this unique approach comes a unique set of problems. When your organization’s financial compensation hinges on the success of your patient care and the general health of your patient population, efforts to improve medication compliance can have a huge impact on your bottom line.

Across the United States, more than 3 billion prescriptions are written each year. Of these, a full third are never even filled. Filling prescriptions on the spot at the point of care removes a major obstacle to medication compliance. It allows doctors not only to know all their patients have necessary medications in hand, but also captures a teachable moment, ensuring that patients understand how and why to take their medications.

Improve medication compliance by filling prescriptions at the point of care.

Not only do the majority of patients prefer to get their medications when they receive care, but 62% said it would help them better manage their health. And studies have shown that medication compliance improves by 60-70% when the drugs are provided at the point of care.

QuiqMeds enables health care facilities to provide this service, with solutions scalable to the needs of the individual facility and patient population.

And it works. A two-year study of a QuiqMeds customer, funded by Robert Wood Johnson, showed an ACO-type organization had a 16% to 42% reduction in medication costs after adopting the QuiqMeds solution.

Improved medication compliance, reduced readmissions and lower overall spending. Sounds like a winning combination.


16-42% reduction in medication costs in an ACO type program.


Medication compliance improves by 60-70% when filled at the point of care.

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