With the recent emphasis on value based care arrangements, health care providers are under increasing financial risk for the health and outcomes of patients.  Because of this, medication compliance and adherence is critical to the success of a clinic. On top of this, decreasing reimbursements and less revenue can have a negative financial impact to the bottom line.

75% of patients surveyed say they would prefer to receive their medications when they receive care, and studies have shown that compliance with drug therapy improves by 60-70% when the drugs are provided at the point of care.  Unfortunately, 33% of prescriptions are never filled. Medication non-compliance increases the likelihood that patients will need to return for additional care, increasing financial strain.

QuiqMeds can help physicians dispense medication on the spot.

Filling prescriptions on the spot enables clinicians to capture teachable moments, educating patients personally about their medications, ensuring that patients truly understand their health care needs. Plus, it captures revenue previously lost to retail pharmacies.

With QuiqMeds, patients can now leave the care setting with their needed medications in hand. Using the QuiqMeds solution, physicians can offer point of care dispensing on the spot, reducing the time, effort, and cost necessary for patients to comply with doctor’s orders. QuiqMeds provides the security, reporting and monitoring of inventory to ensure the safe and efficient dispensing of medications to patients.

If your organization is 340B capable, QuiqMeds provides 340B reporting so prescription fill data can be easily matched up to existing split-billing software, simplifying the process.

If pain medications or other controlled substances are a requirement, QuiqMeds can receive, track, and dispense controlled substances (schedule II-V). The system is not only EPCS and DEA certified, but can also report to the state PDMP programs in a fully automated fashion, ensuring 100% state compliance.

All this, and no workflow changes are necessary. Our solution was designed to be highly adaptable to existing workflows and to work with your current EMR which allows you to enhance the services to patients with no inconvenience to you.

Happier, healthier patients and more revenue for the clinic – Sounds like a win-win.


of prescriptions are never filled.

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