3.7 billion prescriptions are written each year. Of those, 33% are never even filled. How many of these come from your health system? As today’s healthcare environment evolves, more and more risk is shifted to the health systems through value based care arrangements, readmission penalties, and quality measures. This places increasing pressure on health systems to ensure medication compliance for the optimal health of patients.

Studies have shown that compliance with drug therapy improves by 60 to 70% when the medication is provided at the point of care. That means reduced likelihood of readmission, not to mention healthier and happier patients. And people want it. When surveyed, 75% of patients said they would prefer to receive their medications directly at the point of care, rather than driving to a retail pharmacy and waiting in line.

Provide medication at any outpatient point of care, across an entire health system.

You can extend the reach and hours of your outpatient pharmacy operations and offer prescription fulfillment at any outpatient point of care. Offering prescription fulfillment at the point of care can increase medication compliance, provide a valuable service to your patients and build loyalty to your health system brand.

In your hospital emergency departments, medical centers, urgent care clinics, and beyond, QuiqMeds can help you provide patients with their medications when and wherever they receive care. Expand the reach and hours of your retail pharmacies and use the same supply chain for QuiqMeds that you do today for your pharmacies.

Our solutions can be used across an array of outpatient care settings, while tying them all together at the health system level through our enterprise platform, QuiqCore. Delegate control to some care points and control others at the system level. At a glance, with our real time analytics, you can see inventory, utilization, prescribing habits and more across your system. Real, actionable data at your fingertips.


improvement on drug therapy compliance when the drugs are provided at point of care.


of patients would prefer to receive their medications where they receive their care.

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