The rural health community faces unique challenges when it comes to medication compliance. Retail pharmacies might be few and far between, and hospital pharmacies generally have limited hours. Studies have shown that up to 33% of written prescriptions go unfulfilled. In a community without an easily accessible pharmacy, medication compliance becomes all the more difficult, which can significantly affect the health of chronically ill patients.

With the recent changes introduced by the Affordable Care Act, medication compliance is increasingly important not only for the health of patients, but also for health care providers. Medication non-compliance can lead to readmissions, which have a negative financial impact on the health care organization itself.

Pharmacy Solutions for the Rural Health Community

Fulfilling prescriptions at the point of care not only improves medication compliance, but also captures that teachable moment between clinician and patient, ensuring not only that the patient has the medication in hand, but also that they understand why it is important and how to take it. In communities without convenient access to retail pharmacies, point of care prescription fulfillment also removes significant barriers for those patients. Moreover, it allows hospital pharmacies to capture revenue that would have otherwise been lost.

Using both medication dispensing software and hardware, QuiqMeds facilitates the process of dispensing medications, as well as patient billing, claims adjudication and comprehensive analytics and reporting, all in a secure, auditable manner. The solution was designed to automate all necessary functions to fit into each unique care setting, and to provide the clinician and staff with the tools that support and facilitate medication dispensing without disrupting their existing workflow.

In cases where a hospital has an outpatient pharmacy, our solution serves to extend the reach and hours of the pharmacy, to provide the outpatient discharge dispensing around the clock. Where pharmacies do not exist, QuiqMeds can bring our trusted supply partners to the table to supply the medications.


of all rural hospitals are at risk of closing, according to a 2016 study. Almost a third of those at-risk hospitals are at extreme risk.


of all prescriptions written every year are never filled.

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