Urgent care is all about convenience, right? Care when you need it.  An estimated 3 million patients visit urgent care centers each week, seeking immediate medical treatment for all those not-quite-emergency-room situations. But how convenient is it, really, to drive all the way from the urgent care clinic to the pharmacy, all while sick or injured?

Why not enhance the services you provide to your patients by giving them what they want? Fill prescriptions on the spot for your patients, build brand loyalty, and capture revenue from the scripts that your center writes. By being able to offer patients cash and carry as well as claims adjudication your urgent care centers can maximize revenue potential, keeping money in-house that would otherwise have gone to external pharmacies.

QuiqMeds ESS, powered by QuiqCore, is the solution your patients are looking for. QuiqMeds ESS enables urgent care centers to fill prescriptions on the spot, providing your patients with the convenience they are looking for. QuiqCore also enables urgent care centers not only to manage and fulfill prescriptions on the spot, but also manage inventory with real-time data and see profitability at any point if time with real-time analytics.

Give your patients the best possible care, and see a positive return.


of patients prefer to get medications when they receive care.

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