QuiqMeds provides a cloud-based, advanced enterprise platform that is intended to work across health systems and their components such as hospital emergency departments, urgent care centers, medical centers, workplace health clinics and group practices. Designed from the ground up as an enterprise system, our solution serves the needs of organizations that require more than just a physician dispensing program.  With our mobile checkout application, QuiqMeds partners with Square to bring you a secure point of sale solution that helps streamline the payment process while improving patient satisfaction.

Our software solution, QuiqCore has passed one of that nation’s largest health organizations security standards and contains features such as:

  • Advanced claims adjudication
  • Predictive analytics for ordering and inventory controls
  • Unmatched integration capabilities
  • Enterprise reporting

Unlike physician dispensing companies, we are medication supplier agnostic and do not make money on the medications. We can bring one of our supply partners to the table, but our customers always choose who their supplier or suppliers will be and have a direct relationship with that supplier.

This works especially well for our customers who have their own pharmacy and want to extend the footprint or hours of that pharmacy through our solution.

No matter your size or complexity, QuiqMeds has a solution that will work for you.


QuiqCore provides the foundation for our solution and can be used as a stand-alone software only solution for lower volume formularies or integrated with our QuiqScripts or QuiqMeds ESS solutions which add security and automation to the process.

QuiqMeds ESS is an automated dispensing unit that adds security and automation to the QuiqCore software solution and is typically used in urgent, primary care and workplace health settings.

QuiqScripts is a secure, automated kiosk based system designed for hospitals and large medical centers to address emergency department and discharge medication dispensing. QuiqScripts can serve to extend a hospital’s pharmacy hours of operation to 24/7/365.


QuiqMeds Mobile is a solution designed to enable flexible patient checkout.  Originally designed to facilitate meds to beds programs, QuiqMeds mobile running on a tablet enables on-site staff to deliver medications to wherever the patient is located (exam room, front desk, or check out area) and capture their digital signature along with their electronic form of payment.  QuiqMeds mobile utilizes Square hardware and technology, which enables credit card swipe, chip, and wireless pay in one fully integrated system.  This solution not only streamlines office workflow and speeds up the checkout process, it also provides a financial mechanism that is completely controlled by the care setting.

Increased patient satisfaction through an added convenience factor
Improved medication compliance to help reduce readmissions
Yield an additional source of revenue
QuiqCore utilizes open interfaces to integrate seamlessly into the respective workflows (hospital, urgent care, primary care, workplace health, etc.) and real-time adjudication as would be available in a pharmacy setting as well as integration points for EMR’s and POS systems.

Using cloud technology, QuiqCore was built to scale from a few locations to thousands of locations. The system provides data that can be stratified from the local level through enterprise wide aggregations.

Through detailed reporting, QuiqMeds provides enterprises with a holistic view of their dispensing efficiency metrics allowing real-time management of all key performance indicators measuring both their efficiency and optimizing their cash flow.

Additionally, unlike basic point of care dispensing solutions, the QuiqMeds platform, with its three distinct solutions, can connect an entire system of on-site health centers and provide global reporting to improve enterprise decision making.